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Our writing services extend from editing to total project  conceptualization. Jillian received her PHD in English and has the credentials to back up her expertise. She has the ability to construct entire technical documents for your business, capitalizing on her strengths as a college business and technical writing instructor, or work with you to construct creative projects and timelines. Click here to learn more about ways she can help your business represent its true brand, create a resume to get you the next job, or allow your own personal writing to flourish. Why spend time worrying about comma placement or content? Let Jillian's creative and analytical mind put something together for you in short order. If you are a student pursuing a higher education degree, Jillian is also able to edit large scale, higher stakes projects. Click the arrow below to learn more about how we can curtail your writing frustrations. Let an expert help with the writing so you can get back to your area of expertise.


We specialize in professional web design and hosting for small businesses and organizations at affordable rates. Our business started with Chris's educational background in computer science and Jillian's graphic design education in 1999. Their schooling and subsequent education throughout the years at college, conferences, trade shows, educational courses, and personal development have allowed them to make changes to their website design strategies as new technologies emerge. They pride themselves on their new mobile friendly designs that feature striking photography and clean design. Their modern and precision look also features search engine optimization (SEO) that ensures your site is attracting the viewer you want. We provide hosting services, emails at your URL, and domain reservation and maintenance at a reasonable and cost-effective rate. We grew up in Nebraska. We are rural, small business owners. We understand you and your clientele. We have always prided ourselves on our ability to provide a knowledgeable solution for rural businesses to reach a global and regional audience. Click the arrow below learn more about how we can take your business online today.


We pride ourselves on the ability to do any custom shoots for any of our web or print design clients. Our high quality shots feature a unique eye and perspective. Jillian loves the ability to find a shot where no one else is looking, perhaps even viewing it as a challenge. Chris's photography strengths emerge when he utilizes post-production techniques in Topaz to Photoshop to Lightroom to make that final shot absolutely flawless. Our expertise has been honed through practice and education at trade shows, photography workshops, and practice. While Jillian has left behind her old Kodak Instamatic and Chris no longer has his fanny pack to carry the 35 mm Minolta, our referencing these old cameras show how long we have been photography aficionados. Our dedication to the craft clearly reflects through the large portrait images that grace the walls of homes and office spaces. We primarily shoot with Canon bodies and lenses in the EOS Rebel line, but use a variety of cameras to best fit our subjects. Please browse our portfolio. If you are interested in purchasing a digital file or a final product canvas, please click the arrow below to learn more. Let us help you redecorate your office space or provide custom photography for a new brochure, upgrade a resume head shot, or construct new business and staff photos for the website.

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Owners/Designers, Chris & Jillian Wenburg, take pride in high quality service and design for effective results.

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What's the deal with being mobile friendly? Learn more about why a website upgrade might be something for yor organization to consider budgeting for.

Festival of the Cranes

Festival of the Cranes is Rural Designs Photography annual expedition. Here we learn some tips about how to capture landscape, wildlife, and the majestic Sandhill Crane.


Why care about concision and precision in writing? Learn about the importance of the revision process and why it is important to have a professional look at your documents.

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