Custom web site Design

We specialize in professional web design and hosting for small businesses and organizations at affordable rates.

Rural Designs will work with you from start to finish to place your business or organization online. Before any design work is completed, we will provide you with a free estimate of costs to complete your desired project. Once your design is completed, we provide very competitive hosting for your site at only $25 per month (if you pay for one year in advance, you receive one free month of hosting). Sites are constantly monitored and support is available to make sure that the site functions properly.

For an annual fee of $25, we can register your domain name (e.g. and will maintain its registration (no pesky renewal letter concerns or spam letters will come to you! We take care of it). Along with this domain name, we provide you with five email accounts containing your professional address (e.g. We can provide you with suggestions on which types of domain names would give you the best traffic ratings.